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تیل کی قیمتیں صفر سے کم کیوں ہیں؟

اس تازہ ترین علامت میں کہ عالمی معیشت بلیک ہول میں ہے ، تیل کی قیمتیں پیر کو پہلی بار صفر سے نیچے گئیں ، مئی میں امریکی خام تیل کے مستقبل منفی 6.66.63 فی بیرل پر آگئے۔ عملی اصطلاحات میں ، اس کا مطلب یہ ہے کہ جو بھی …

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Game of Thrones cast Season 8 Review | Critics

The Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones cast Season 8 Review|Critics Dream show, Game of Thrones, got appeal from HBO. It is as yet the huge sum looked and extraordinary rush on google motor. It was shown on the TV in 2011 just because. The arrangement depended on the novel “A tune of ice …

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America Update on Visas for Medical Doctors Professionals

Doctors America visa

https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/News/visas-news/update-on-h-and-j-visas-for-medical-professionals.html Update on Visas for Medical Professionals  (source site)➡️ https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/News/visas-news/update-on-h-and-j-visas-for-medical-professionals.html March 26, 2020 We encourage medical professionals with an approved U.S. non-immigrant or immigrant visa petition (I-129, I-140, or similar) or a certificate of eligibility in an approved exchange visitor program (DS-2019), particularly those working to treat or mitigate the …

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